Name: Rachelle
Message: "Rita, Your products are wonderful and have improved my skin so now I have radiant and healthy glowing skin! I love the AHA/BHA components in the face cleanser, keeps my skin smooth and free of breakouts. The Illuminare foundation and all day eye color in espresso lasts all day and is lightweight. I will never go back to Revlon, Cover Girl or Maybelline foundation and eyeliner again. Thanks for saving my face :D"


Name: Lisa Clark

Message: "Hi Rita! Bob just shared with me your site. So nice to see this. Best of luck with your business. Lisa (Larkin) Clark"


Name: Ismael Lucas

Message: "Rita, keep up the good work. Great service and of course fantastic customer service."


Name: Stanley

Message: "Rita is the absolute best. What she has done for my skin and appearance in terms of eye brow sculpting (I normally have that bushy unibrow, and now my eyebrows are shaped perfectly yet naturally) , facials and peels has taken years off. Her skin care products have also made a tremendous difference in the quality of my skin: my skin now glows, is tighter with less wrinkles, and her products for the reduction of age spots actually work!"


Name: Laura O'Donnell 

Message: "Rita, your website looks great!  It's almost as good as your facials.  Great job! Love, Laura"


Name: Sara

Message: "Rita is the best! My skin looks great thanks to her services and products... I'm a customer for life!"



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