The Green Room Spa was born out of my desire to make great skin care attainable and affordable for everyone.  You will find a lot of information on this site about acne, anti-aging skincare, hyperpigmentation and rosacea and how to control and improve these conditions.  It is my sincere goal to educate you about your largest organ and how to keep skin and spirit balanced. There is so much false information out there about what is good and bad for your skin that it can be overwhelming.  It is my hope that by educating you, the consumer, I can help you save your hard earned money before spending it on a product that is ineffective or even dangerous.

    • Do you know the difference between an over-the-counter product and a professional skin care product? 
      Most over-the-counter products are formulated with very little active ingredients.  Whether you get them at your local drugstore or at an expensive department store, most over-the-counter products are ineffective because there is not enough of the active ingredients in the formulas to make real change in your skin.  
    • How do most brands make their money? 
      By using lots of fillers and putting more active ingredients in their marketing than in the actual product.  Did you know that the popular ingredients can be in less than 1% of a formula and still be used in the marketing as the "magical" ingredient that will make you look 20 years younger?  These trivial amounts make no real change in your skin.  Think about all the money that goes into advertising
      and endorsements.  You end up paying for the "hype" and not for the truly effective ingredients.  
    • Are there new and exciting advances in skin care? 
    • Are there actually ingredients that can correct the problems with your skin? 
    • Can these ingredients be natural and organic and still have an effect on my skin?
      The Green Room Spa has created an organic, natural, essential skincare line called ONE. Using only organic, wild crafted and sustainable ingredients, ONE is a truly amazing skin care line that will benefit all skin types.  

      The Green Room Spa offers a variety of professional products and services to help you discover the goddess within.

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